And You Thought That Hangover Was Bad: A Workers’ Compensation Nightmare

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By the time Christmas rolled around in 2013, Melissa Lennon had already added “party planner” and “emcee” to her official duties as deputy clerk of court for Harnett County’s clerk of court’s office. In the days leading up to the office Christmas party, Melissa worked diligently to transform North Carolina’s Chicora Country Club into the holiday oasis her superiors had imagined when they tasked her with the project. By all accounts, she pulled it off. Then, on the night of the event, Melissa tripped as she was entering the building, fracturing the distal radius of her left wrist and suffering a superior glenoid tear on her left shoulder.

What Happened Next is Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney…

After receiving short-term disability assistance, Melissa filed a workers’ compensation claim under the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act. Melissa needed help making up for lost wages, and she feared her injuries might lead to permanent partial disability. When the county clerk’s office denied her claim, she requested a hearing before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. The deputy commissioner upheld the prior ruling, stating that Melissa ineligible for workers’ compensation assistance because her injury occurred outside of the “course and scope” of her employment.

…Which is Why We’re Here to Help

Regardless of whether you agree with the Industrial Commission’s ruling, there’s little doubt that employees often face significant obstacles when seeking workers’ compensation relief. And while it’s true that Harnett County is more than a hop, skip and a jump from Pittsburgh, it goes to show that this anti-worker stance is hardly unique to Pennsylvania. Having represented Pittsburgh workers for more than a decade, The Law Office of Michael L. Studd knows what it takes to help you and your family reach a favorable outcome. Call our office at (412) 460-4201 for more information.

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