What is Required of the Employer in Workers’ Compensation Claims?

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The whole premise of workers’ compensation is that is a fair and agreed-upon compromise for both the employer and employee. The employer is protected from being sued by individual employees, and employees are guaranteed fair compensation for any injuries that occur due to the nature of their job tasks. Typically, this system is beneficial to both parties. However, in some cases workers’ compensation claims can lead to complicated legal matters when one or both parties don’t hold up their end of the deal. In this post, we’ll discuss the obligations of the employer who has workers’ compensation insurance.

1. You are responsible for providing a safe workplace.

As an employer, you assume responsibility for those who work for you. You are required to maintain the working environment to the point where, abnormal occurrences excluded, your employees do not become injured while carrying out their assigned tasks. If your employees become injured on the job due to your negligence, you may be in legal trouble.

2. You must keep a record of any injuries that occur on your job site.

If an employee reports an injury that occurred during work, you need to make a record and report it to your insurance company. Failure to do so may put you at risk for a lawsuit. You will need to provide a copy of payroll information as well as a personnel file.

3. Do not engage in any retaliatory actions against your injured employee.

Your employee has the right to be compensated for their injury without fear of negative consequences. Cooperate with your insurance company and employee to ensure that when the employee returns to work that they are welcomed back into the safe environment they experienced prior to the injury.

4. Support your local workers’ compensation board in preventing fraud.

It is your duty as an employer to support your employees and protect your insurance company against fraudulent claims. Work with your chapter to provide truthful and accurate information in the event of a workers’ compensation claim.

5. Contact a skilled attorney

If you suspect an employee may be submitting a false claim, or hasn’t received fair compensation due to actions on the part of your insurance company, call us immediately to discuss your options. Protecting your insurance company from false claims as well as supporting your employees is the key to increased employee retention and fair insurance dues.

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