So Your Benefits Were Terminated. Here’s What We’re Going to Do.

First of all, be very wary of utilization reviews. Pittsburgh employers may file utilization reviews in order to challenge the legitimacy of your work-related injury. If you receive such a review, contact The Law Offices of Michael L. Studd immediately. Under Pennsylvania state law, injured workers have the right to add a personal statement to the reviewer explaining why her or his treatment is not only beneficial, but absolutely necessary.

Don’t Panic.

If you find yourself served with a Petition to Terminate, swift legal action will be of the utmost importance. Even a Petition to Modify or a Position to Suspend Benefits will require a prompt response from an experienced Pittsburgh attorney.

Keep in mind that these petitions mean one thing and one thing only: that your employer or its insurance company is attempting to prevent you from receiving your legally-protected medical benefits. It’s not enough to fight them on your own — you need the assistance of Pennsylvania’s premier workers’ compensation lawyer, attorney Michael L. Studd.

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