Helping Pennsylvania Employees with Lump Sum Settlements

Lump SumDeciding whether to accept a lump sum settlement is extremely difficult, and there are numerous factors to keep in mind when weighing the pros and cons of either option. Lump sum settlements provide a concrete arrangement in which you receive a specific amount of money for a specified amount of time. By nature, lump sum settlements offer the stability of knowing what next month will look like, and the month after that.

It Never Hurts to Ask.

Will you ever fully recover from your job-related injury? What if your condition worsens? Do you feel confident that you’ve been treated fairly throughout the workers’ compensation process? While it’s always advantageous for insurance companies to reach a quick settlement and move on, there are certain situations in which a lump sum settlement can be beneficial for you and your family. Consulting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you select the best option for you and those you love most.

Experienced Counsel is Key.

If you’re currently receiving money and simply want someone to review your options and advise you on whether to move on from your workers’ compensation claim, schedule a meeting today. Just because you are receiving benefits, it does not mean your insurance company will not continuously attempt to make your benefits go away — insurance companies are in the business of trying to lessen and/or terminate your benefits. Ensure that you’re receiving a fair deal by calling The Law Office of Michael L. Studd today.

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