Hurt on the Job? Help is on the Way.

Hurt On The JobUnder the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, a work injury is any illness or medical condition caused or aggravated by the normal performance of one’s occupational responsibilities. Allergies, bone fractures and contagious diseases may all constitute a work-related injury under Pennsylvania state law.

Act Quickly.

If necessary, seek medical assistance. After the physical injury has been addressed, make sure you notify your employer as soon as possible. Nothing can happen before your employer receives a statement explaining what happened. Even if you believe your injury is minor and will not require medical treatment, go ahead and tell your boss anyway. It never hurts to cover all your bases.

A Legal Ally For Pittsburgh Employees.

From the potential of a lengthy recovery time to a lump sum settlement offer, there’s a lot to consider when pursuing a workers’ compensation suit. Just remember that at The Law Office of Michael L. Studd, your physical health and financial well-being will be our primary concern throughout the entire legal process. Put more than 10 years’ experience on your side by scheduling your free, no obligation workers’ comp consultation today.

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