Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending Pittsburgh Residents Accused of Robbery & Burglary

burglary in progressRobbery and burglary charges in Pittsburgh are severe and considered felonies. These charges can be complicated as they are related to several areas of criminal law. That’s why it is imperative you hire an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately after being charged.

Robbery in Pennsylvania

Robbery is a crime elevated from theft. Common actions that elevate theft charges to robbery charges include:

  • The theft target is injured or threatened with injury
  • The defendant also commits a felony in the course of the theft, e.g. is also in possession of a controlled substance
  • The defendant takes money from a financial institution by making a demand of an employee
  • Any amount of force is used to commit the theft

Defending Robbery Accusations

There are several common robbery defense arguments that we may employ during your case. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Proving no theft was committed: Reclaiming your own property or property you believed to be yours is not considered robbery.
  • No injuries occurred: If no one was hurt during the theft, robbery charges may be dropped.
  • The victim was unafraid: No threats of injury were made to cause the victim fear.

Pennsylvania Burglary Charges

In order to be charged with burglary, law enforcement must prove you not only illegally entered a building, but did so with the intent to commit a crime. This is what separates burglary from criminal trespass. It is also illegal to possess burglary tools, even if you haven’t used them. We can defend burglary charges by disproving evidence of entering a dwelling and/or proving there was no intent to commit a further crime.

Each Case is Different

The above examples of just a handful of strategies we may use to defend you against robbery and burglary charges. Whatever the situation, we will mount the best defense argument possible and fight with you to the end. No matter what happened, you are entitled to a fair trial and it is our job to ensure that’s what you get.

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