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criminal record that hopefully can be expunged one daySome convictions can be cleared or expunged from your criminal record after a certain amount of time or other factors. This doesn’t happen automatically; you’ll need to file a record sealing petition and follow the legal process. We’ve helped many clients through this process and come out on the other side with clean criminal records.

What Crimes Can Be Expunged?

Obviously, not all crimes are eligible for expungement. Serious crimes, such as felonies, will not qualify for expungement. Minor charges that are commonly eligible for clearing include, but are not limited to:

  • Juvenile records once the convicted reaches the age of 18
  • Minor crimes tried in front of a judge only (not a jury)
  • Traffic tickets
  • Contempt of court

Expungement vs. Public Access

In 2016, Pennsylvania passed a law that allows a wider range of convictions to be sealed from public access. This does not mean these convictions are completely vacated, but it does increase your privacy in most situations. These eligible offenses to include:

  • Cases where no disposition has been recorded or action taken by the authorities within 18 months of the arrest
  • Minor in possession of alcohol charges for someone 18 or older once said person reaches 21 years of age
  • Persons convicted of summary offenses who petition the court and have not had subsequent convictions in the last five years
  • Persons convicted of second- and third-degree misdemeanors, which did not involve violence, and who have not had any subsequent criminal convictions in the last ten years

Get All the Necessary Information Before You File

There are many charges and convictions that would be a waste of time to try to expunge. That’s why we recommend working with a trusted criminal defense attorney before you file your petition with the court. We will look at your criminal record and determine if any of your convictions meet the requirements for record sealing. If so, we will advise you through the process.

The Law Office of Michael L. Studd works hard to ensure those who have been cleared of crimes get the future they deserve. If you need help securing an expungement from your criminal record, we’re here to help. Contact our Pittsburgh office today at (412) 400-6157 to schedule a free consultation regarding your case.