I’ve Been Injured at Work. Can I Sue?

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Living in a country as litigious as the United States, you’d be forgiven for thinking you can simply sue your employer following a work-related injury. In fact, the workers’ compensation process was designed in part to avoid lengthy, contentious lawsuits between employees and those for whom they work. This is not to say, however, that you can’t sue other parties for any negligence and/or misconduct that contributed to your injury.

Good News & Bad News

By receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you automatically lose the right to sue your employer following a work-related incident. However, if you are involved in a work-related accident and suffer injuries as a result of a third party’s reckless behavior, you have the right to file a personal injury action against them. This can help ensure that you receive the financial assistance you and your family deserve.

Consult a Pittsburgh Workers’ Compensation Attorney Immediately

Regardless of the details of your case, there is simply no substitute for working alongside an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. While it may prove impossible to file suit against your employer, a professional workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to evaluate your situation and devise a legal strategy that gives you the best chance at obtaining a favorable outcome.

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