The Most Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

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According to a report cited earlier this year by Insurance Journal, strains and sprains (30%) are the most common types of work-related injuries in the United States. Based on data collected between 2010 and 2014 from businesses of various sizes and locations, work-related injuries are most often the result of improperly handling materials (32% of claims).

The “Winners”

Other common work-related injuries include cuts and punctures (19%), contusions (12%), and inflammation and fractures (each comprising 5% of workers’ compensation claims). After the improper handling of materials, the most common causes of work-related injuries include slips and falls (16%), colliding with an object (10%), work tools (7%), and various injuries that worsen over time (4%). It’s worth noting that each injury resulted in a significant amount of time away from work.

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